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Connie Weir is our visiting hypnotherapist at Lumia Spa, Bridge of Allan, Stirling specialising in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Whether you have a specific problem to address or a range of issues, please remember that Clinical Hypnotherapy means that you are in control in the sessions, and Connie will be there to support you in a safe environment. Some of the most common problems Connie addresses are smoking & habits, sports performance, eating disorders, stress & anxiety, weight control and phobias.

A little about Connie….

Connie completed an Honours Degree in Psychology in 1992 followed by several years working in management for the aviation industry, where she also completed a Commercial Pilot’s Licence. Connie then studied Clinical Hypnotherapy with The London College of Clinical Hypnosis ( and obtained her Diploma. After a long standing interest in Bulimia (an area she had researched at University) she completed a Diploma in Counselling for Eating Disorders with National Centre for Eating Disorders in London.

Her 12 years in aviation has lent itself to a particular interest in flying phobias; Connie’s university years led her to further study in eating disorders; and her passion for the game of squash combined with the fact that she lives with a former Olympic skier has sparked her studies in sports performance. This led to a masterclass with John Edgette – a renowned sports performance consultant and hypnotherapist in the US.
Connie is a member of The British Psychological Society ( and The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis ( who have a very strict Code of Ethics which is available for inspection at consultations. Client confidentiality is always assured.


Why hypnosis?

Unlike hypnotism shows or TV programs you may have seen, the therapeutic use of hypnosis is entirely natural, gentle and you remain in control throughout the session – no matter how ‘deep’ you go.

For most types of Hypnotherapy session, relaxation is used. This helps you access the issue at hand or the resources to help with solving the issue. If you are breaking a habit or conquering a fear – relaxation is the most effective way of allowing you to tackle this safely and successfully. If you are interested in sports – we would use focus instead of too much relaxation, you don’t want to be laid back in a competition!

To have a chat with Connie or to book a session please contact her on telephone 0777 618 3695 or visit her website by clicking here.