Comfort Zone – Skin Regimen Longevity Complex Facial (55 mins)



This revolutionary new anti-ageing facial gives immediate and visible results beyond those of a traditional facial. The effiacy of super food and high tech ingredients, including Alpha-Hydroxy Acids is maximised by specific Kabat massage techniques offer a complete ‘gym for the skin’.

Skin is renewed, restored, toned and lifted. Expression lines and wrinkles are softened and the skin is left with a fresh, more youthful and healthier, dewy appearance.

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The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, this facial is the ideal solution for urbanites with stressed skin, showing the first signs of aging.

Customizable to correct dullness, dehydration, depletion and wrinkles, it deeply renews the skin and leaves it exceptionally glowy and healthy-looking thanks to the combination of AHA and result-oriented boosters.


The efficacy of the formulas, enriched with the exclusive Longevity Complex™, is enhanced by the reinvigorating Natural Aroma, the patented Macro Waves Sound™, and the unique synergy of Qigong relaxing techniques and Rolling Roullage Massage. 


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