Comfort Zone Skin Regimen 1.0 Tea Tree Booster 25ml


Purifying concentrate with 1% of Tea Tree oil, 3% of Mandelic Acid and Longevity Complex ™ for oily and impure skin. It fights dilated imperfections and pores for smoother, cleaner and even skin.

Ideal for oily and impure skin with tendency to imperfections.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

93.7% of ingredients of natural origin.
Without silicones.
Without added fragrances.

With pure tea tree oil, mandelic acid and Longevity Complex ™.
BENEFITS Product Benefits

Helps reduce the visibility of enlarged imperfections and pores
RESULTS Product Results

Pore ​​size reduction up to 12% after 28 days of product application *
* clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, 1.0 tea tree booster application.
25 ml 0.84 fl. oz. U.S.


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